Geospatial Web Services

NRSC has designed, developed and deployed Geoportals for visualisation, analysis and dissemination of space-based products & services 

Earth Observation (EO) from satellite platforms is proved to be an indispensable tool for natural resources mapping, monitoring and management, including environmental assessment at global, regional and local levels. This is particularly due to multi-platform, multi-resolution, multi-temporal and synoptic viewing capabilities from space platforms. Remote Sensing Satellites were commissioned as an integrated facility with Data acquisition and Product generation at Shadnagar complex of National Remote Sensing Centre.

Bhuvan (Sanskrit for Earth) is a Geoportal of ISRO (, allowing host of services covering visualization, free data download, thematic map display and analysis, timely information on disaster and project specific GIS applications since August 2009 and available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The images showcased on Bhuvan in 2D /3D domain are from Multi-sensor, Multi-platform and Multi-temporal domain with capabilities to overlay thematic information, interpreted from such imagery, as vector layers such as Wasteland, Ground Water Prospects, Watershed, Soil , Land Use Land Cover etc.

The Geo-Portal named as "Bhuvan Panchayats" acts as an enabling environment to search, access, visualize, understand and analyze the data for carrying out Activity Mapping and Asset Mapping towards Implementation and Monitoring.Based on the Requirements of PRIs working at three levels in the country, the Major functions of the present version of the portal include Visualization of selected Area of Interest.

India-WRIS WebGIS aims as a ‘Single Window’ solution for comprehensive, authoritative and consistent data & information of India’s water resources along with allied natural resources in a standardized national GIS framework (WGS-84 datum and LCC projection) tools to search, access, visualize, understand and analyze the data for assessment, monitoring, planning, development and finally Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

This portal hosts OCM data products and Scatterometer data products. Users can browse and download data products. OCM GAC data products are available from 05-JAN-2010 onwards in the form of strips (consisting of 4-5 rows).

NRSC in collaboration with NARL has made avaliable a Super Site for Remote Sensing Data Analysis that contains space based inputs from different sources which are available for download.

Climate change is amongst the most concerning issues being discussed across the world to preserve the planet earth. The 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported an estimated increase of 0.74°C in global mean temperatures from 1906 to 2005.

Geospatial Web Services