IMGEOS & NDEM facility is now "IGBCs LEED India PLATINUM" Certified

Green InitiativeNRSC Recieving IGBCs LEED India PLATINUM plaque in the presence of Chairman, ISRO. Integrated Multi Mission Ground Segment for Earth Observation Satellites (IMGEOS) & National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM) facility at NRSC, Shadnagar Campus is the first green building among the ISRO Centres. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) awarded LEED India Platinum under the new construction category. Total 59 points were awarded out of 60 points claimed.

The building is of circular shape with glazing on sides to maximize the views. Use of aerocon blocks in the masonry, energy efficient double glazing unit, open to sky court yard in center of building blocks cool roof, are some of the green features. The building envelope has external cavity wall with air gap in between to minimize the heat ingress into the building.Visual access is created between indoor workspaces and outdoor environment for 90% of all regularly occupied spaces. This resulted in increased occupant comfort and well being.Roofs of all blocks were provided with high SRI paint to make building more energy efficient and reduce energy requirement for cooling inside spaces. Water harvesting measures adopted.

Green Initiative

Solar power generation from this system cater to 18% of total annual energy requirement. Lighting controls provided include lux / motion / occupancy sensors and timer controls for auto operation. External lighting: LED street lighting is provided to achieve energy efficiency and also ensure light pollution prevention in the night. Energy efficient chillers are selected in HVAC with combination of air cooled and water cooled chillers of high COP. Non CFC refrigerant (R134a) is used in the chillers. Building management system (BMS) is provided for precise control of thermal comfort vis a vis energy efficiency in operations of AC & electrical systems. LT Grid interactive Solar Power is installed. 300kWp solar power plant, first of its kind in any of ISRO centers across the country, is in operation.


Water efficient fixtures and onsite STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) of 30 KLD are installed. It treats waste water to tertiary standards for reuse in irrigation and air conditioning requirements.Battery operated vehicles are used for the internal transportation facility inside the Green campus. NRSC, Shadnagar Campus sprawling 316 acres also includes unique Calibration and Validation Site and Atmospheric Observatory Facility in addition to IMGEOS & NDEM facility.

NRSC is committed to ensure sustainability of site and maintaining the existing bio diversity. Knowledge of biodiversity of any geographical region is of utmost importance for sustainable management and conservation plans. NRSC has carried out the biodiversity survey of Shadnagar campus to preserve the flora. The total number of species recorded in the NRSC Shadnagar campus are 285, pertaining to 70 families of flowering plants. Herbs are occupying higher number (154) constitutes 54.2% of total proportion followed by Wild Trees, Wild Shrubs, Wild Climbers, Wild Herbs, Planted Trees, Planted Shrubs, Planted Climbers and Planted Herbs.


IMGEOS & NDEM facility is now "IGBCs LEED India PLATINUM" Certified