National Database for Emergency Management

NDEM is conceived as a GIS based repository of data to support disaster/emergency management in the country. The database enables development of decision support system in the form of customized user interfaces with necessary security mechanism. NDEM Phase-1& phase II has been made operationalized from Shadnagar. NDEM version 2.0 has been released with improved features and functions on ISRO satellite based Virtual Private Network (VPN). This portal consists of multi-scale geospatial database covering base, thematic, infrastructure, disaster specific products and satellite imagery along with set of customized decision support tools. Simultaneously, NDEM Public portal is hosted on ISRO Bhuvan platform. So far about 788 value added disaster specific products covering 15 States were served through ISRO-DMS VPN secured network. In addition to these disaster specific products, multi scale geospatial data services were provided for 36 States/UTs on 1:50,000 scale, 210 Multi Hazard prone districts on 1:10,000 scale (out of 350 districts), High Resolution Satellite imageries for 210 towns. Mobile Applications were developed for relief management and made available to all State and Central departments. Seven regional training programmes were organized across the country(Guwahati,Dehradun,Kolkata,Gandhinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhopal and Delhi) during June – August 2015 for the familiarization of NDEM private and public portals for enabling the better utilization of NDEM products and services by State depts.


  • Development of Decision Support System (DSS) tools for addressing disaster / emergency management.
  •  Establishing computer infrastructure to facilitate network connectivity, data ingest, validation, GIS databases organization, data dissemination and services hosting
  • Organization of multi-scale geo-spatial database for entire country at 1:50,000 scale; for 350 Multi-hazard prone districts at 1:10,000 scale; for 5 Mega-cities

Multi-scale geospatial database services

NDEM database consists of comprehensive layers covering base, thematic and infrastructure layers. The database also complemented with high resolution satellite imagery for visualisation and analysis. Detailed ancillary data is also linked with spatial information for extensive analysis. Further, it has disaster specific layers for natural disasters. The database in integrated with customised Decision Support System (DSS) tools for addressing disaster /emergency situations

  • Core Database comprising of Base data, Thematic data & Infrastructure data
  • Hazard Specific comprising of Flood, Cyclone, Forest fire, Earth quake, Landslide and Drought
  • Raster  datasets comprising of LISS IV MX,  Carto2 DEM , ACE2 DEM, CARTOSAT 1& 2 and High Resolution data
  • Non- Spatial Database comprising of Socio Economic, Census 2011, IDRN 2014 and Health Data


  •  Comprehensive information of all available dataset of all States for Central department users.
  • State-wise customized map viewer access through user authentication with standards GIS tools.
  • Seamless integration of multi scale geospatial data services.
  • Active Disaster information with current disaster products integrated on Map viewer.
  • Cyclone Track information.
  • Historical Disaster Specific database integration with query builder
  • Decision Support System Tools(Network
  • Analysis, Proximity, Multi Layer Analysis) for relief management.
  • Utility GIS Tools (Add custom Shapefile, Search on map ).
  • Seamless Integration of IDRN database in spatial and non spatial format.
  • Integration of Health Database with query  builder.
  • Dynamic Report generation in Graph and tabular format.
  • Other services (Metadata, Database Catalog, Geospatial Data Reports, Feedback etc. ).
  • Mobile application for data collection & Incident reporting.
  • OTP implementation for restricted data access.
  • Interaction Portal for communication among Central/State DMs.
  • Content Management System for near real time data/disaster products hosting.
  • Event based disaster specific products for flood/cyclone, daily forest fire incidents, Heat Wave condition map, Damage Assessment & statistics for landslide and earthquake.

Decision Support Tools
One of the main objective of NDEM is development of Decision Support Systems(DSS) tool, which is a computerized interactive systems support decision-making. DSS uses NDEM data repository including historical, current and near- real time data for planning and decision making. Several DSS tools such as Network analysis, Proximity, Layer analysis have been developed and integrated for various relief management activities.

  • Proximity Tool : Optimal search for emergency facilities such as hospitals, shelters, rail/bus stations etc. within the user defined buffer area.
  • Network Analysis Tool : Enable shortest path to locate shelters, hospitals etc. with transport network.
  • Multi Layer Analysis Tool : Finding out disaster affected statistics in user defied area through multiple geospatial Layers.

Mobile Application

  • Relief Management application: This application is customized to collect the disaster incident information from incident location and transmit the data to server in real-time for effective decision making
  • Disaster Attribute Collection : It is used for collection of the emergency facilities along with photograph in near real-time from mobile device. The field data is transmitted to NDEM server for further integration and analysis.
  •  Geo tagging of Emergency Facilities : user can tap on any emergency facility from this application and enter the attribute information and transmit the same information to central server for integration with NDEM database.

 Contact Details
Project Director, NDEM
National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO
Department Of Space, Government Of India
Tel: 040-23884543
Fax: 040 -23880445

Manager, NDEM
National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO
Department Of Space, Government Of India
Tel: 040 2388 4453; 0854 222 5413
Fax: 040 2387 0445

National Database for Emergency Management