Respond Projects

Ongoing Projects

Sno Description
1 Development of image processing method for assessing content of trees Outside Forests (TOP) using IRS high Resolution Satellite images
2 Shoreline changes and its impact on coastal ecosystem in Chidiatapu and Wandur of South Andaman Islands using Remote Sensing and GIS
3 Seasonal and inter-annual variability of Relative Heat Content (RHC) in the Indian Ocean
4 Development of a Real-time Image Super-resolution System using Parallel Processing Hardware for Remote Sensing Applications
5 Development of S/X/Ka multiband Feed
6 Multi-Temporal Interferometric SAR (MT-InSAR) studies for near real time landslide monitoring
7 Bhuvan-R and open source development Platform for Geospatial data analysis
8 Integrated Remote Sensing and Geophysical approach for mineral mapping over parts of Dharwar Craton
9 Development of Web based Tools for online/offline inclusion of value added services and analysis on BHUVAN for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
10 Development of evaluation of algorithms for automated tree delineation and tree parameters (height and crown diameter) estimation for forestry applications
11 Multi Modal Data Security Framework(Implement Data Transfer Using Steganography)
12 A Big data Processing frame work to model vector borne Disease Dinamic based on Seasonal Changes
13 Dynamics of Sedimentation and Its Impact of Local Resources in Upper North Bank of Bramhaputra: An Integrated Study using field surveys and Geospatial techniques.
14 Decadal-Scal change Analysis of Coastal
15 Automation of Transport and Building Feature Extraction using deep learning with super-resulation Enhancement of Satellite Imagery
16 Geospatial Numerical Modeling of Debris flow for Quantitative Landside risk Assessment Considering the Entrainment