Development Planning

Development planning has been a central tenet of modern India’s growth rd thistrategy. With the 73 and 74 constitutional amendments, Decentralised Planning process has been adopted in the country to promote local self governance for inclusive and sustainable growth. Effective planning and decision making require reliable, periodic and updated spatial information on natural resources at varied scales. Spacebased information coupled with geospatial tools facilitate creation, organisation, visualisation and dissemination of resource databases,which are vital for participatory development planning at multiple levels.

NRSC has been actively providing vital information to the user community on a variety of rural development applications for more than 2 decades.  Some of the prominent ones are (a) Mapping of Groundwater potential zones using space based images and sample field observations; (b) Multi-temporal mapping of wastelands in the country that could be reclaimed and used for productive purposes and in addition, monitoring of changes in wastelands; (c) Integrated Watershed development – specific national missions like, Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development (IMSD) was carried out as a proof of concept by selecting watersheds in dry land areas in about 175 drought prone districts in the country. The focus of this initiative was to use multi-thematic GIS data in land and water conservation; (d) Village Resource Centres (VRC), Tele-medicine and Tele-education have been some of the recent technological initiatives that has enabled ISRO/DOS to work closely with grass root level workers and users.

Major Highlights

Major Benefits

  • Planning, monitoring and performance evaluation of developmental projects and schemes in timely and cost effective manner
  • Scientific & transparent decision making
  • Opportunity for community participation in planning process

Operational Products / Services

  • High-resolution, ortho-rectified Satellite data and Thematic maps at varied scales (1:10,000, 1:50,000 and 1:250,000)
  • LULC information on 1:250,000 (annually), 1:50,000 (every 5 years), and on 1:10,000 scales (need basis)
  • Bhuvan Panchayat

Ongoing Projects / Programmes

Completed  Projects / Programmes




Development Planning