IRS Satellite derived DEM with 10m posting may be made available at par with the base price for all categories of users, falling under unrestricted areas, to different categories of users will be as per the following guidelines.

  • Government users namely, Ministries/ Departments/ Public Sector/ Autonomous Bodies/ Government R&D institutions/ Government Educational/ Academic Institutions, may obtain the data without any clearance.

  • Private sector agencies and NGOs, recommended at least by one Government agency, for supporting development activities, may obtain the data without any further clearance.

  • Other private, foreign and other users, may obtain the data after necessary clearance from the competent ISRO/DOS committee

Satellite derived DEM with 10m or better than 10m posting, falling under restricted areas, by any user, may be serviced after obtaining necessary clearance from the High Resolution image Clearance (HRC) committee.