Forestry and Ecology


The forest resources being scarce and under tremendous anthropogenic pressure, focus of forestry and ecology studies is towards the utilization of Earth observation technologies towards developing the prescriptions for sustainable management of forest resources as well as towards the fulfillment of India’s commitment towards  the Nationally Determined Commitment for Carbon Sequestration at COP 21. Both these national goals needs the EO based improved and advanced inventory of forest resources.

Towards this, Forestry and Ecology studies at NRSC have been focused on development on the automated processing of multi-temporal and multi sensor data, three dimensional description of the forest structure and its distribution. Analysis of forest cover change, spatial biomass estimation, Community Biodiversity characterization,   Forest fire alert system, inputs to working plan and wild life plan  preparation, Forest carbon sequestration, Inputs to UNFCCC etc are being carried out in close collaboration with MOEF & CC, DBT,  FSI and State Forest Departments.