Aerial Services & Digital Mapping


Aerial Services and Digital Mapping (ASDM) activities at NRSC primarily include generation of large scale topographic maps and very high resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for highly flood prone river reaches in India, and for  2D/3D mapping in urban areas, infrastructure planning . It also caters to a large number of specialized applications like volumetric analysis, proposed new alignment corridors,  3D visualization.

NRSC has four decades of aerial remote sensing experience. This expertise is evolved in line with the application demands and availability of  state of the art aerial sensors from time to time, viz. aerial film cameras, multi-spectral scanners, aeromagnetic surveys in earlier days and currently Large Format Digital Cameras (LFDC), Laser Scanners with Digital Cameras (LSDC), etc. Supporting the  sensor validation test flights for specialized sensors like Synthetic Aperture Radars, Inertial Measurement Units, Radio Altimeters, Thermal sensors, Hyperspectral sensors, Atmospheric sensors etc.