Data Products from Indian Satellites


ISRO has a vibrant Indian Remote Sensing program since 1988 with a gamut of Indian Remote Sensing Missions (IRS) observing Earth with Optical, microwave and hyper-spectral instruments flown on-board to provide necessary data in various spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions to cater to different user requirements in the country and for global usage.

NRSC is the nodal centre for hosting Satellite Data Products from more than 13 IRS satellites right from the first IRS optical mission namely IRS-1A and SAR imaging missions. Satellites are primarily tasked to cover India and surroundings in a programmatic manner or on-demand as required by user as per mission capability. NRSC also acquires and archives data of global regions for disasters, calibrations and specific studies. Near real time data products from IRS weather wensors is delivered for climate and weather models for a global coverage. Georeferenced, Orthokit, Orthorectified products are provided in standard formats like Geotiff, HDF. Customized value added products are generated based on the requirements from the user for large AOI.

NRSC Data archive is extensively utilized for Land use land cover monitoring, Ocean studies, weather applications and Scientific research. The Government agencies, industries and academia is highly benefiting by the valuable huge data products archive and technology to meet their respective end objectives.