Land Use/Land Cover


Land Use Land Cover (LULC) maps of an area provide information to help users to understand the current landscape. Annual LULC information on national spatial databases will enable the monitoring of temporal dynamics of agricultural ecosystems, forest conversions, surface water bodies, etc. on annual basis .

Annual Land use / Land cover mapping is carried out at 1 : 250000 scale and net sown area is estimated apart from generation of the Landuse / Land cover information. Land use / land cover information is generated once in 5 years at 1: 50000 scale. Land use / Land cover is generated at 1: 10000 scale which is useful for water land resources planning at village / taluk level.

Wasteland mapping and monitoring has been carried out 1t 1: 50000 and 1: 25000 scales. Land use / land cover information generated at 1: 10000 scale can be used for planning Gram sadak Yojna project.