Land Use/Land Cover



Land use and Land Cover - 1 : 250000 scale

Natural Resources Census programme of ISRO has scope for generation of maps of Land Use Land Cover and seasonal agricultural information during kharif, rabi and zaid seasons in near-real time at 1: 250000 scale. AWiFS sensor data onboard Resourcesat-1, 2 and 2A is extensively used for this project and annual maps are generated every year since 2004-05 crop year. The main focus of the project is to monitor the agricultural situation and estimate the net sown area at regional level across the country. The LULC-250K information is hosted on Bhuvan –LULC 250K.

Land use and Land Cover - 1 : 50000 scale

Land Use Land Cover information in 1: 50,000 scale is generated in the country using three seasons IRS LISS-III data of 2005-06, 2011-12 and 2016-17. 54 level-III classification system is used while mapping the land use / land cover classes.