Research Areas in Space

"Research Areas in Space- " - A document of Research Areas for soliciting proposals from STCs & RAC-S

1. “Research Areas in Space” is a comprehensive document highlighting ISRO’s major programmes, current and upcoming R&D requirements of ISRO. This document will exclusively cater to the advanced research requirements of ISRO wherein Space Technology Cells (STCs) and Regional Academic Centre for Space (RAC-S) established at various IITs/NITs and premier institutes across the country can select and generate R&D proposals. The faculty of these institutes are encouraged to submit their project proposals in these diverse research areas.

2. The concerned ISRO/DOS centre interested in the research topic is given in brackets after the areas/sub areas/problems.

3. The proposals may be submitted by the faculty of STC and RAC-S institutions based on the call for proposals by the respective institutes.

4. The evaluation reports of the proposals received from the ISRO/DOS centres will be further reviewed by the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) of STC and Joint Policy Management Council (JPMC) of RAC-S before its recommendation for funding support.

5. One hard copy and a soft copy of the proposal shall be submitted to the respective STCs/ RAC-S.

6. Conveners of STC/RAC-S shall submit a hard copy and a soft copy of the proposal to the respective ISRO/DOS centre.

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