KOMPSAT-3/3A is equipped with two imaging payloads; the Advanced Earth Imaging Sensor System A (AEISS-A) and an Infrared Imaging Payload. AEISS-A  was developed by KARI with technical support from AstriumDefence and Space and the German Aerospace Center that developed the Focal Plane Assembly and main Camera Electronics Unit.

The major goal of KOMPSAT -3/3A is to provide data in IR (Infrared) and high resolution EO (Electro-Optical) images for a variety of applications such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and environmental, agricultural and oceanographic monitoring as well as urban planning, resource management and disaster relief. The specifications are

K03 MS: 2.8 (2.0)+ (14-bit)
K03A MS: 2.2 (14-bit)

K03 PAN : 0.7 (0.5)+ (14-bit)
K03A PAN : 0.55 (14-bit)
PAN: 450-900 µm
MS1 (Blue): 450-520 µm
MS2 (Green): 520-600 µm
MS3 (Red): 630-690 µm
MS4 (NIR): 760-900 µm

Kompsat-3 image data is available  as Level 1G (Geometric distortion correction by using SRTM DEM)