Training courses are conducted at NRSC for capacity building in Geospatial Technologies and Applications towards effective utilization of satellite data products for operational, scientific research and societal benefits.

User Community: Officials from various Government / Private / Autonomous / NGOs / Faculty and Researchers from Academic Institutions working in the domain of geospatial technologies and its applications.

Courses : Regular, special / theme-oriented and customized courses are organized towards capacity building of user community for effective use of space inputs for various applications in about 20 programmes and training around 500 officials / academic scholars per year.

Need: Remote Sensing, GIS and web information services is important for implementation of efficient spatial information technologies for customizing various methodologies useful for retrieving, analysis of spatial and non-spatial attributes required for implementation of good governance at State and national level offices. Also enable user community for enhanced utilization of Geospatial Technologies and Applications.

Cancelled Microwave Remote Sensing and Applications which was scheduled during 4-15 May 2020

Cancelled Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Applications which was scheduled during 22-26 June 2020

The Open Source GIS course scheduled during 13-24 April, 2020 is postponed

Cancelled One Week "Overview of Geospatial Technologies" scheduled during July 06-10, 2020

Cancelled Two week "Remote Sensing Applications for Land Resource Management" scheduled during July 20-31, 2020