Considering the ever increasing demands of all stakeholders / users, a centralized Outreach Facility for NRSC is established at Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, integrating all the relevant activities namely, Training, Outsourcing, Exhibition Facility, Information Kiosks, Web Services and proposed Incubation Facility. Outreach  facility is being used for enhancing capacity building activities that will meet the increased utilization of geospatial technology, geospatial data generation and analytics. This is helping to meet the  requirement of additional training for officials of State / Central Government departments and ministries,  supporting outsourcing work to meet the geospatial data generation envisaged under various national mission projects of ministries, to make the host of satellite data available to entrepreneurs for developing products and for increasing  interaction with academia industries.


World Space Week - 2020 ( 4-10 , October 2020) : Popular Audio Talk Schedule.

09-10-2020: 1)Listen to Audio -World Space Week - 2020 2)Satellites for Ocean Information

08-10-2020: 1)Satellite Data Reception 2)Remote Sensing Satellite Data Products Generation

07-10-2020: 1)Liquid propellants for satellites and launch vehicles 2)Space debris

06-10-2020: 1)Beyond the blue sky 2)Who steers the rocket

05-10-2020: 1)Satellites improve life- Theme of WSW-2020 2)The exciting ocean worlds of the solar system

World Space Week - 2020 ( 4-10 , October 2020) : Popular Audio Talk Series.