Urban & Infrastructure


The urban and infrastructure development applications mostly deal with the development of Geospatial technology support for Urban Local Bodies for formulation of GIS based urban Plans and tools / Applications for geospatial governance.

High resolution satellite images provide valuable information about the land-use/ land-cover (present and past), existing infrastructure, terrain characteristics etc. Space-based information & geospatial analysis tools also support many applications e.g., Urban and regional planning, Route alignment for road, rail, oil/ gas pipeline, Site suitability analysis for hydroelectric project, new township, Facility & Utility planning for identification of landfill sites, schools, hospitals, etc. and also for Environmental impact assessment.

National mission projects are carried out like National Urban Information System for 142 towns, inputs for Regional planning under National Capital Region like , Primary thematic maps, e.g. present & past land-use/ land-cover (LULC), existing infrastructure, topography, geology, geomorphology, soil, ground water potential, vegetation type & distribution, wastelands, et are provided for urban Local Bodies for Master Plan Preparation . Monitoring of GAIL pipeline corridor is also being done. 242 cities are being mapped for 21 thematic layers using very high resolutions satellite data under national flagship AMRUT program.