Hyperspectral Underwater Radiometer

Hyperpro-II design builds on the experience gained by Satlantic on previous generations of profiling instruments. It offers researchers the unique opportunity to use the system as a free-fall profiling device or in conjunction with a detachable float for near-surface measurements. The system is also available mounted on a lowering frame. It is specifically designed to allow the interchangeable use of Satlantic’s high-resolution multispectral OCR-500 series optical sensors and hyperspectral HyperOCR (or OCR-3000) sensors1. Optional features include a conductivity sensor and integration of up to two non-Satlantic instruments into the instrument package, making this system the most versatile platform for measuring the apparent optical properties of the ocean. The system addresses the issues of self-shadowing and ship induced disturbances while offering a wide dynamic range in an easy to deploy package.



Specifications and Parameters of Hyperpro-II



Parameters measured using Hyperpro-II