Special Events

World Space Week

World Space week was celebrated by NRSC where 4,19,536 Pan India students participated in different events of exhibition, painting competitions etc. Students were addressed through T-SAT also. Jeedimetla Outreach facility also celebrated the event during October 04–October 10 where more than 2200 Students from 23 Schools and colleges visited the exhibition and participated in different events


Remote Sensing Fortnight

As part of Dr Vikram Sarabhai’s Birth Centenary Celebrations, Remote Sensing fortnight was celebrated at Jeedimetla Outreach facility during July 28 – August 12, 2018.  The fortnight programme was inaugurated by Shri Santanu Chowdhury, Director, NRSC. Total 1400 students from college/schools visited the facility during this fortnight. They  were told about Indian Space Programme, basics of remote sensing and major application projects at NRSC apart from showing different launch videos. They also visited exhibition showcasing models of satellites and launch vehicles. Painting, Quiz and Cross word competitions were held.