Ocean Sciences



Co Tidal Map

Sea level is an essential climatic variable (ECV). It has been measuring precisely through satellite altimeter. There are several oceanic processes contribute variability of sea level with tide being the major contributor. As tide is periodic and highly predictable, its

Eddy Kinetic Energy

Eddy Kinetic Energy represents dynamic fields indicate boundaries of mass convergence and divergence areas of the ocean environment. Associated with Mean Sea level Anomaly (MSLA) maps convey the areas of ocean water sinking and upwelling, which

Eddy Kinetic Energy information is hosted on Bhuvan-Eddy Kinetic Energy .

Ekman and Geostrophic Currents


The ocean surface currents are estimated from satellite observations of surface wind from Oceansat-2 Scatterometer and Sea Surface height from SARAL AltiKa. The Ekman Surface current