Ocean Sciences



Mean Sea Level Anomaly

Eddy Kinetic Energy represents dynamic fields indicate boundaries of mass convergence and divergence areas of the ocean environment. Associated with MSLA the maps convey the areas of ocean water sinking and upwelling, which help in may ways to understand the processes of primary productivity, air-sea gas flux and mass drift in the surface layers.

Model Derived Depth Isotherm

The Depth of the 26° isotherm in the ocean is represented as D26. It is obtained by scanning the ocean temperature profile from the surface to the depth where temperature reaches 26° C. It gives an idea of the depth to which the warm surface layer of the ocean extends. This parameter is particularly of interest to oceanographers and atmospheric scientists studying the genesis, intensification and propagation of cyclones as well as their impacts.

Ocean Wind Curl

Wind Stress Curl is the measure of the rotation of the wind stress (or ocean surface circulation). The curl of wind stress is helpful in identifying areas of cyclogenesis and their propagation. OSCAT 2-days Wind Stress Curl Composites have been generated by computing the curl of wind stress field, which is estimated using DIVA generated wind field composites. These products are available on daily basis from 2010 to 2013. Further details have been provided in the technical document.