Land Use/Land Cover


National Wastelands Mapping : 1:50,000 scale

National wasteland mapping is being done at different time intervals since 1982. Presently, mapping has been completed 5 times since 1982 at NRSC. Waste land mapping was done during 1980-82 (1: 1 million scale- 8 classes), 2000 (1 : 250000 scale – 13 classes), 2003-04 (1:50000 scale-28 classes), 2005-06 ((1:50000 scale-28 classes), change mapping during 2008-09, 2015-16.

Wastelands area estimates have served a basis for taking up wastelands reclamation by different states. Spatial maps and database can be utilized to identify the suitable areas for the establishment of various infrastructure projects in the different parts of the country. The database is also being used for watershed prioritization, identification of potential areas for agriculture / afforestation etc. Recent wasteland database is hosted on Bhuvan-Wastelands.