Atmosphere and Climate Studies

Planetary Boundary Layer Height

Planetary Boundary Layer Height (PBLH) over the Indian land mass is estimated using vertical profiles of temperature and relative humidity from Cross track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) onboard Suomi-NPP, through integration of five different methods. The integrated approach is performed by comparing PBLH values estimated from vertical gradients of potential temperature (PT), virtual potential temperature (VPT), relative humidity (RH), refractivity (N) and specific humidity (q). If at least three of them are consistent with the same value, it is considered as the PBLH. PBLH values estimated through the integrated approach show reasonable comparison with the estimates using radiosonde profiles and COSMIC GPS Radio Occultation measurements. Following the integrated approach, day time PBLH over Indian land mass is retrieved on daily basis and are further averaged for seven days and monthly mean values.

Daily Planetary Boundary Layer Height (PBLH) from 2014--2018 is hosted on Bhuvan-PLBH.

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