Cryosphere Studies

Snow Melt in Antarctica

Spatio-temporal dynamics of surface melting over Antarctica is of importance in understanding the response of ice shelves to climate change. Normalised radar backscatter is sensitive to the water content of snow. With the increase in the liquid water content in the snow, there is a sudden decrease in the backscatter from radar. This is the basis of melt detection.

Spatiotemporal dynamics of snow melt in Antarctica from 2001 to 2014 using microwave scatterometer data from OSCAT and QuikSCAT is generated at 2.25 km resolution at daily interval. Daily Information on Snow Melt in Antarctic from 2001--2017 is hosted on Bhuvan-Snow Melt Antarctica .

List and view the data of the selected time period. Technical Document(hyper link :Snow Melt Antarctica)