Terrestrial Sciences

Hydrological products

Hydrological modeling (Variable Infiltration Capacity Model) framework has been setup at 9min (~16.5km & 13709 grids) grid level for the entire country. Model specific input parameters (Soil, Vegetation, Routing) are prepared for the entire country at 9min grid level . Historical meteorological data has been organized (1951-2013) from various sources and VIC model specific meteorological inputs are prepared. The model performance has been optimized through calibration of model estimated runoff with measured stream discharge (CWC) using historic gridded meteorological products from IMD (1976-2005) for selected river basins.

Long-term (1951-2013) hydrological fluxes (Surface runoff, Evapotranspiration and Soil moisture) have been generated at 9min grid level for the entire country. Since Jun 2014, near-real-time meteorological data (Rainfall, Temperature, etc.) are collected and processed on daily basis and model computations are being carried out at daily time-step. National scale, 9min grid-wise surface runoff, evapotranspiration, soil moisture are being estimated with two-day time lag

Geo-spatial products of the daily water balance components are being hosted on Bhuvan-Hydrological Products

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