Terrestrial Sciences

Indian Soil Datasets

Soil properties (soil depth, soil texture, soil carbon) are important for their key role in supporting ecosystem services, plant growth, water availability and maintaining carbon stocks. Soil depth is defined as the depth (in cm) to a lithic or paralithic contact (USDA Soil Survey Manual). Soil texture in dicates the relative content of particles of various sizes, such as sand, silt and clay in the soil. Texture influences the ease with which soil can be worked, the amount of water and air it holds, and the rate at which water can enter and move through soil.

Inventories of soil carbon stocks are needed to assess the possible impacts of global climate change on soil organic , inorganic carbon content in relation to potential green house gas emissions.

Indian soil datasets representing soil texture, soil depth and mean soil carbon density are hosted on Bhuvan-Indian Soil datasets

Select NICES Project – Terrestrial Sciences – Indian Soil Data sets –Select the parameter and view the data. Technical Document(hyper link :Indian Soil datasets)