Theme Oriented Courses

2-Week Thematic course on “Remote Sensing Applications for Land Resources Management”

Geospatial technologies are widely used in land resource management for better utilization of resources. The 2 week course covers the remote sensing applications towards utilisation of satellite data for planning, mapping, monitoring land resources addressing agriculture, soils / land degradation, water resources, land use planning, rural development and land resource management aspects with necessary practical sessions.

1-Week Thematic course on “Geospatial Technologies for Climate Studies”

Geospatial approach for harnessing existing global datasets along with new generation remote sensing products offers a unique basis to examine the Earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere in areas that are affected by climate change or affect climate. The geospatial technology tools enable retrieving / deriving spatio-temporal information on land-atmosphere-ocean processes. Training provides basic concepts to enhance knowledge on climate change, space inputs for the dynamic spatial database generation and geospatial tools incorporated for data analysis of parameters influencing climate change.