Remote Sensing Data Policy (RSDP)

For operating a remote sensing satellite from India, license and/or permission of the Government, through the nodal agency, will be necessary. As a national commitment and as a “public good”, Government assures a continuous/improving observing/imaging capability from its own Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) programme.The Government of India, through the nodal agency, will be the sole and exclusive owner of all data collected/received from IRS. All users will be provided with only a license to use the said data and add value to the satellite data.Government reserves right to impose control over imaging tasks and distribution of data from IRS or any other Indian remote sensing satellite when it is of the opinion that national security and/or international obligations and/or foreign policies of the Government so require.
For acquisition/distribution of remote sensing data within India, license/permission from the Government of India, through the nodal agency, will be necessary.Government reserves the right to select and permit agencies to acquire/distribute satellite remote sensing data in India. DOS shall be competent to decide about the procedure for granting license/permission for dissemination of such data and for the levy of necessary fees.
To cater to the developmental needs of the country, the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)/DOS is vested with the authority to acquire and disseminate all satellite remote sensing data in India, both from Indian and foreign satellites.