Remote Sensing Data Policy (RSDP)

NRSC shall enter into appropriate arrangements with DOS for acquiring/distributing data from IRS within the visibility circle of NRSC receiving station(s). NRSC and/ or Antrix Corporation Ltd., shall be competent to enter into agreements with foreign satellite operator(s) for acquisition/distribution of foreign satellite data in India. However, NRSC will distribute the data as per terms agreed to with Antrix Corporation Ltd. NRSC shall maintain a systematic National Remote Sensing Data Archive and a log of all acquisitions/sales of data for all satellites. For acquisition and distribution of IRS data for use in countries other than India, the Government of India, through the nodal agency, shall grant license to such bodies/agencies of those countries as are interested in the acquisition/distribution of IRS data, as per specific procedures.
The Antrix Corporation Limited (of DOS) is vested with the authority for receiving the applications for grant of license for acquisition/distribution of IRS data outside of India; to consider and decide about the grant of license within the policy considerations of the Government and to enter into licensing agreements with the prospective users on behalf of the Government. Antrix Corporation Ltd. shall also be competent to levy such fees for granting licenses as may be considered appropriate by it. It shall also be responsible, where necessary, for rendering any further help/guidance needed by the license.
The Government reserves right to impose restrictions over imaging tasks and distribution of IRS data in any country when it is of the opinion that national security and/or international obligations and/or foreign policies of the Government so require.