Remote Sensing Data Policy (RSDP)

The Government prescribes the following guidelines to be adopted for dissemination of satellite remote sensing data in India:
  • All data of resolutions up to 1 m shall be distributed on a nondiscriminatory basis and on “as requested basis”
  • With a view to protect national security interests, all data of better than 1 m resolution shall be screened and cleared by the appropriate agency prior to distribution; and the following procedure shall be followed:
  • Government users namely, Ministries/ Departments/ Public Sector/ Autonomous Bodies/ Government R&D institutions/ Government Educational/ Academic Institutions, can obtain the data without any further clearance. 
  • Private sector agencies, recommended at least by one Government agency, for supporting development activities, can obtain the data without any further clearance. 
  • Other private, foreign and other users, including web based service providers, can obtain the data after further clearance from an inter-agency High Resolution Image Clearance Committee (HRC), already in place.
  • Specific requests for data of sensitive areas, by any user, can be distributed only after obtaining clearance from HRC. Specific sale/ non-disclosure agreements to be concluded between NRSC and other users for data of better than 1 m resolution.
This policy (RSDP-2011) comes into effect immediately and may be reviewed from time-to-time by the Government