Forestry and Ecology



Identification of Forest Cover Loss Locations

Forest survey of India , MOEF&CC brings about comprehensive Biennial reporting of the forest cover status, however, there is a need of annual/sub-annual actionable forest cover loss information.

Long term forests cover change

Multi-source and multi-temporal data from earliest possible topographical maps and satellite remote sensing datasets were used to map the forest cover in the country over last eight decades (1930, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2013/2014). Forest fraction cover information was hosted on Bhuvan-Forest Fraction Cover

Monitoring of Biosphere Reserves

The Biosphere Reserves (BRs) are internationally designated landscapes / seascape units under UNESCO`s flagship programme; “Man and Biosphere (MAB)”. To undertake activities of biodiversity conservation and development of sustainable management