Disaster Management Support


  • Cartosat series PAN or Resourcesat LISS IV are the most used satellite sensors for the inventory of landslides and hazard zonation

  • Flood forecasting is one of the major activities that is initiated with hydrological modeling utilizing high resolution LiDAR DEM, satellite derived land use / land cover information in flood prone river reaches in the country

  • High resolution satellite data from Cartosat series is very much useful for earth quake damage assessment studies.

  • Active fire monitoring uses satellite data from MODIS flying on the TERRA and AQUA spacecraft and Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite data from the Suomi National Polar- orbiting Partnership (SNPP-VIIRS).

  • Resourcesat-1 & Resourcesat-2,  AWiFS sensor data is useful for the agricultural drought assessment

  • MODIS satellite derived vegetation indices are also utilized for these studies in conjunction with IRS data derived information.