Construction and Civil  Works 

List of Tenders (Active)

Tender . No. Details 
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/39/21026/2021-22, Dt. 13.01.2022 CORRIGENDUM: Construction of proposed Kitchen facility for Food court at parking area at NRSC Shadnagar Campus
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/55/21044/2021-22, Dt. 10.01.2022 Annual Maintenance and Service Contract for fire alarm system installed at NRSC Shadnagar campus
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/54/21043/2021-22, Dt. 10.01.2022 Temporary and Part Time Comprehensive AMC for the Central AC Plants, Package Units and Cold Storage facilities at NRSC Balanagar, Outreach facility Jeedimetla and Old Airport, Begumpet in Hyderabad
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/53/21042/2021-22, Dt. 06.01.2022 Supply and Providing Special Earthing to the Data Centre Extension (Block B & C) at NRSC Shadnagar Campus
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/52/21041/2021-22, Dt. 10.01.2022 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Solar Power fencing systems at NRSC Shadnagar campus
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/50/21040/2021-22, Dt. 10.01.2022 Annual Maintenance and Service Contract for Smoke Detection Systems installed in various buildings of NRSC Balanagar, Jeedimetla and Old Airport Campuses, Hyderabad
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/47/21037/2021-22, Dt. 06.01.2022 Providing Chain link fencing around 160 KLD STP Plant and Garden at Main Gate and around 400 KWP Solar Plant at NRSC Shadnagar Campus
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/44/21034/2021-22, Dt. 10.01.2022 Temporary and Part Time Contract for providing support services for carrying out day to day operation for Electrical and Air Conditioning systems,Maintenance of electrical systems at Balanagarcampus and various other campuses of NRSC Hyderabad
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/49/21039/2021-22, Dt. 06.01.2022 Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 2 x 500 LPD Solar Water Heating System (SWHS) at CISF Barracks, Miyapur,Hyderabad
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/46/21036/2021-22, Dt. 06.01.2022 Supply and Installation of street light pole with LED fittings and battery charger/ batteries for VCB panel at NRSC Balanagar & ORF campus at Jeedimetla,Hyderabad
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/51/21023R/2021-22, Dt. 06.01.2022 Transformer oil filtration and miscellaneous maintenance works for transformers at NRSC Balanagar, Jeedimetla and Shadnagar campuses
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/56/21045/2021-22, Dt. 31.12.2021 Providing installation and commissioning of FRP portable Bio-Toilets at NRSC Shadnagar and Jeedimetla campuses
NRSC/CMG/NIT/ET/39/21026/2021-22, Dt. 06.12.2021 Construction of proposed Kitchen facility for Food court at Parking area at NRSC Shadnagar Campus