NRSC’s efforts in the space technology over the years have enabled the organisation to develop innovative software's related to wide range of technologies in the field of remote sensing applications , arial and satellite data reception areas.

SL NO CRN & Title Innovators


50764/2014-CO/SW Dated 03.06.2014
Web based data downlink service for IRS ground stations

B.Lakshmi, B.Radhika, T.Saikalpana, Raji Jose


50768/2014-CO/SW Dated 03.06.2014
Global Distribution of Oceansat-2 Scatterometer data

Inter centre team, NRSC,SAC,ISAC


50765/2014-CO/SW Dated 03.06.2014
Data Analysis System for Throughput Assessment of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Data products Generation Chain: A Data Warehouse Approach

Dr.Naresh kumar, Mr.Uzair


50766/2014-CO/SW Dated 03.06.2014
Enterprise Monitor and Control for Satellite Data Ground Processing Operations.

DPSD&DSG group


50767/2014-CO/SW Dated 03.06.2014
Ground Station Work Flow Manager for IMGEOS

Ms Anupama Sharma, Ms Sobina Bhaumik, Ms Raji Jose, Mr M. Suresh, Ms Manjusarma, Ms B. Lakshmi


Bhuvan 2D and 3D Viewer—Gateway to Indian Earth Observation Data Products and Services

Bhuvan core Team at NRSC


The Message driven method and system for optimal management of dynamic production workflow in a distributed environment

Dr. Naresh Kumar SDAPSA