Ocean Science

Ocean Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll-a concentration is one of the most important and one of the essential climate variables (ECVs) and the primary geophysical data product derived from ocean colour remote sensing. Ocean chlorophyll is one of major and important climate variable in terms of carbon fixation, primary productivity and global bio-geo-chemical cycle studies. The derived chlorophyll concentration (in space and time) can be used to resolve inter-annual to decadal changes in oceanic phytoplankton biomass in response to global environmental changes.

It is necessary to study this variable on regional to global scale over a long period time scale will provide the better solutions for the climate change studies. Information on spatio-temporal variability can also be used to design field experiment and identity and quantity relationship between the forcing and responses at the ecosystem. 8 day, Monthly products are generated since 2011 and hosted on Bhuvan-Chlorophyll.

Select NICES Project - Terrestrial Sciences –Chlorophyll products and List and view the data of the selected time period.TechnicalDocument(hyper link : OCM-2-SeaDAS-TR-2.pdf)