Ocean Sciences



Ocean Colour

Ocean-colour variables are chlorophyll-a concentration,vertical diffuse attenuation of the light, (Kd) and total suspended matter (TSM)concentration in coastal waters. Ocean Color Monitor (OCM-2) sensor of Oceansat-2 satellite is designed to obtain quantitative

Ocean Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll-a concentration is one of the most important and one of the essential climate variables (ECVs) and the primary geophysical data product derived from ocean colour remote sensing. Ocean chlorophyll is one of major and important climate variable in

Vertical diffuse attenuation of the light (Kd)

The diffuse attenuation coefficient for down welling irradiance Kd (in inverse meters), is one of the most commonly determined (quasi) optical properties (a descriptor of the underwater light field that varies with depth) of seawater. Kd is an indicator of the