Ocean Science

Vertical diffuse attenuation of the light (Kd)

The diffuse attenuation coefficient for down welling irradiance Kd (in inverse meters), is one of the most commonly determined (quasi) optical properties (a descriptor of the underwater light field that varies with depth) of seawater. Kd is an indicator of the penetrative component of solar radiation. Approximately 90% of the diffuse reflected light from a water body comes from a surface layer of water of depth 1/Kd. Thus, Kd is an important parameter for remote sensing of ocean colour.

OCM-2 Chlorophyll (OC2 & OC4) algorithms and Diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490 nm products has been generated using SeaDAS (SeaWiFS Data Analysis System) for Local (North Indian Ocean/LAC) and for Global Oceans(GAC). For NIO,2-day,8-day,monthly at 1KM and above, Globe 8-day and Monthly 4KM and above products are generated from 2010.

8 day, Monthly products are generated since 2011 and hosted on Bhuvan-Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient.

Select NICES Project - Terrestrial Sciences –Chlorophyll products and List and view the data of the selected time period. Technical Document(hyper link : OCM-2-SeaDAS-TR-2.pdf)