Aerial Services & Digital Mapping

Research Projects

  • High resolution and high accurate DSM/DTM/CHM for biomass estimation –for ISRO Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP)
  • Development of low cost data acquisition system by interfacing camera, IMU and GPS systems & Altimeter, IMU and GPS systems
  • Monitoring of Mining Activities/Changes within Mining Lease boundary using time series satellite data
  • Field calibration of very high resolution remote sensing sensor
  • Videogrammetry: Digital video data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis
  • Automatic object reconstruction – 3D building and canopy shapes
  • Development of methodology to generate terrain data products and validation
  • Augmented Reality: 3D modelling and Inverse Photogrammetry
  • Generation of orthoimages for entire India using Corona data (1970-80)
  • Ten Continuously operating Reference Stations (CORS) have been installed and maintained at 24x7 in Himalayan region for geodynamic studies.