Aerial Services & Digital Mapping

Airborne Sensors

NRSC has latest state of the art Digital Cameras and Laser scanners to cater to various applications. Both the sensors are integrated with high precision GPS and Inertial Measurement Systems for generating georeferenced images with high degree of accuracy. Integrated Flight Management System of these sensors facilitates accurate coverage of the area as per the project specifications.

Large Format Digital Camera (LFDC)

NRSC has two airborne digital cameras -Vexcel makeULTRACAM-D and ULTRACAM Eagle which can capture and provide Large Format Digital Camera images (PAN, RGB,NIR ) upto 5 cm spatial resolution. These LFDC surveys are very much useful for several operational projects viz. Large scale Topographic Mapping, High accuracy Digital Elevation Models for volumetric analysis, rail/road planning, 2D/3D Geodatabase generation for eGovernance, 3D visualization for planning and tourism applications.

Airborne Laser Scannerwith Digital Camera (ALSDC)

NRSC has two LiDAR systems,Leica make ALS50-II and ALS70-HP airborne laser scanners. Both sensors have integrated digital cameras to facilitate optical imaging in addition laser ranging. Operating wavelength of instruments is 1064nm. These surveys are useful for High accuracy Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation for urban, forestry and hydrological applications, High accuracy volumetric analysis for mines, corridor planning, 2D/3D Geodatabase generation for eGovernance, 3D visualization for planning.