Data Dissemination

Who Can Buy IRS Data

IRS data will be made available to all users for various developmental and application requirements as per RSDP policy. The following are the guidelines for data dissemination.

  • All data of resolutions up to 1 m shall be distributed on a non discriminatory basis and on “as requested basis”
  • Data better than 1m resolution can be distributed to users after screening and ensuring the sensitive areas is excluded.
  • Data better than 1m resolution will be supplied as per RSDP policy. Government users can obtain the data without any further clearance. Public sector undertakings / autonomous bodies / academic institutions/Private users, recommended by at least one Government agency, can obtain data without any further clearance.
  • Request for data from all users must be received in the prescribed form duly authorized by the head of the organisation that shall be responsible to state the end application and identify a senior official for safe keeping of the data.