Disaster Management Support


Landslides are the major disasters that occur due to terrain factors such as slope, lithology, geological structure, land use, lineament density, and geomorphology. NRSC has taken up  Inventory of landslides and land slide hazard zonation mapping.  Event based inventory, route-wise inventory, seasonal land slide inventory in hazard prone regions are carried out and information generated is  hosted in Bhuvan-Landslides.

Forest Fire

Active forest fire monitoring using satellite data provides timely information on fires to State Forest Departments across India for forest fire control and management activities. Active fire monitoring uses satellite data from MODIS flying on the TERRA and AQUA spacecraft and Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite data from the Suomi National Polar- orbiting Partnership (SNPP-VIIRS). Satellite data is received and processed at IMGEOS, NRSC in near real-time.


Several research studies are conducted on various seismic events for understanding the cause and impact assessment. Damage assessment is carried out in case of the events like Sikkim earthquake (2011), J & K earth quake (2005)