Sensors Used

Ground water Studies: 
Optical: IRS-1C/1D,  Resourcesat-2: LISS-3, LISS-4, Cartosat series.
Microwave: RISAT-1, Radarsat-1/2

Mineral exploration : 
Optical: Resourcesat-2: LISS-3, AWiFS, LISS-4, ASTER, Landsat-5 TM, Landsat-8
Hyperspectral : AVIRIS-NG, HySIS

Geohazard : 
Optical: Resourcesat-2: LISS-3, LISS-4, Cartosat-1, CartoDEM, Worldview series, Pleiades, KOMPSAT, Sentinel-2
Microwave: Radarsat, ALOS-PALSAR, Sentinel-1

Advanced Instrumentation

Laboratory Spectroradiometer (visible to thermal infrared)
Ground Penetrating Radar (25 Mhz to 1200 Mhz in Monostatic and Bistatic mode)
Continuously Operating GPS Stations (CORS)