Geosciences Applications

Geological / Geomorphological Mapping

Geological and geomorphological mapping using satellite images form primary inputs to all remote sensing application projects. Identification and updation of broad lithological units, mapping of faults, fractures are essential for hydrogeological, geo-hazard, geo-environment and geo-technical studies. Similarly, geomorphology provides a framework for understanding current and historical behaviour of landform response w.r.t.  both long-term and short-term effect on the environment. NRSC in collaboration with Geological Survey of India mapped geomorphology of India on 1:50,000 scale under the National Geomorphology and Lineament Project (NGLM) using a new classification system developed based on the landform genesis. A total of 417 types of landforms with 11 genetic classes were mapped.

Ground Water Prospects Mapping

Drinking Water technology mission is one of the five technology missions launched by the then Prime Minister of India (1986). Under this initiative NRSC has developed methodology and prepared Groundwater Prospects Map on 1:50,000 scale for the entire country