Land Use/Land Cover


Landuse / Land cover Mapping at 1:10,000 scale

Land Use Land Cover (LULC) mapping was carried out at 1: 10000 scale using satellite data of  Resourcesat 2 LISS IV sensor which is having 5.8m spatial resolution under SIS-DP project and is hosted on Bhuvan Panchayat portal. This is useful for the drawing the land and water resources development planning at village / panchayat level.

National Wastelands Mapping : 1:50,000 scale

National wasteland mapping is being done at different time intervals since 1982. Presently, mapping has been completed 5 times since 1982 at NRSC. Waste land mapping was done during 1980-82 (1: 1 million scale- 8 classes), 2000 (1 : 250000 scale – 13 classes), 2003-04 (1:50000 scale-28 classes), 2005-06 ((1:50000 scale-28 classes), change mapping during 2008-09, 2015-16.

Pilot study Assessment of Desertification Risk

Development of a comprehensive model for the assessment of desertification risk in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan using desertification indicators grouped under categories like soil, climate, vegetation and socioeconomic parameters is done using satellite-derived information layers and other ancillary data. Desertification risk assessment model was developed using step wise multiple regression analysis. The developed desertification risk index can be used for selecting appropriate land management practices and techniques for combating desertification.