Utility Software

SigmaSAR (Beta version 3.0)

utility10software is developed at Microwave Remote Sensing and Data Processing Division, MRSDPD/MRS&GDPG/DPPA&WAA/NRSC to generate Sigma Naught Backscatter Images for Level-1 Ground Range, Level-1 Slant Range and Level-2 GeoTIFF data products of FRS-1 ,FRS-2, MRS and CRS acquisition modes of RISAT-1.(1) Download(2) User Manual can be downloaded here.

NCC Generation Utility for IRS Data

utility11Remote sensing satellites view the earth in different spectral bands, viz. near infrared (NIR), red, green, and blue bands. In the absence of a blue channel from IRS-1C/1D onwards, interpreter creates color images using near infrared, red, and green bands in what is known as a false color composite(FCC). FCC does not look like natural representation of earth system as we view the earth ith the naked eye. e.g. Green vegetated areas appear Red in FCC whereas on real world we see it as green. For a trained interpreter, this does not pose any problem. However, for the non-remote sensing professional, this becomes a handicap. To overcome this, there is a requirement to generate natural color composites (NCC) from the given false color composite. This needs the simulation of blue band and create NCC by combining it with green and red bands. The NCC S/W module has been developed using the coefficients derived using spectral transformation method to establish a relationship between false color and true color image pairs provided by a sensor with all the four bands. These coefficients seem to work on a large number of images of different seasons, provided similar spectral bands and terrain are used. With the demand from the users for the Natural Color Conversion software, the software utility is developed at NRSC for users to create NCC at their end by using different sensors data sets from IRS-Resourcesat-1 and Resourcesat-2 Multispectral data. (1) Download NCC Generation Utility. (2) User Manual can be downloaded here.

PRANAV (Planning Imagery Requirements with ANalysis and Visualization)

utility12PRANAV framework, originally developed for multiple satellites is customized for RISAT-1. (1) User Manual. This application is useful in determining suitable opportunities for imaging a specific region of interest based on time period, look angle, coverage etc. A user-friendly, easy to use Graphical User Interface is provided for viewing and ranking opportunities. (2) Download PRANAV