National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM)

NDEM essentially serves as national repository of GIS based data for entire country with multi-scale database & sets of tools for Decision Support System (DSS). the project is being executed in collaboration with Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). This is aimed to support the disaster/ emergency management for the country in near real time.

NDEM is envisaged to have core data, hazard-specific data, and dynamic data in spatial form as well as textual form. Exclusive NDEM facility is established at NRSC, Shadnagar in a secured environment with necessary computer infrastructure. Value-added information derived from satellite data for the disaster events occurred during 1998-2018 were hosted on NDEM server and enabled download of the products through ISRO-DMS VPN secured network.

Appraised all State Govt. officials about NDEM project, products and services besides training on NDEM server operations by conducting six regional training programmes. All mobile applications developed under NDEM are made available for download and also appraised all State Govt. Departments regarding its utilization.

NDEM Dash Board is a Geo-Portal with modules for data visualisation (multi-scale geospatial data services and satellite imagery), Decision Support Tools (Customized GUI based tools for decision making), Utility Tools (GIS based tools like Distance & Area Measurement, Search etc.), Incident Reporting (Disaster event reporting through Mobile Apps, SMS, Portal), Mobile applications (Apps for Relief Management, Attribute Collection & Geo-Tagging of Facility), Interaction tools (Communication & data exchange, Audio/Video live chat among users), Data Inventory & Reports Geo-spatial data statics, charts, etc.