Satellite Data Acquisition


Integrated Multi Mission Ground Segment for Earth Observation Satellites (IMGEOS) facility  is established in Shadnagar campus. This facility is equipped with state of the art data acquisition systems which receive data from various satellites. Payload programming requests are consolidated at the respective sub systems based on the feasibility of tracking a particular satellite and acquisition schedules generated for each of the antenna in ground station.  Global coverages are handled through on-board recordings and play back mechanism through ground station services at poles.

Multiple antenna receive systems at this ground station are capable of receiving data in frequencies of 2200-2300 MHz (S-Band) and 8000-8400 MHz (X band). Automated facility exists for transferring down converted demodulated data into Level 0 data processing systems for further correction and dissemination to the user. Satellite data acquisition planning also covers speculative collections based on the current needs and archival requirements. Emergency scheduling is also planned in case of disasters like floods for providing the data in near real time for disaster management support.