Satellite Data Acquisition


Integrated Multi Mission Ground Segment for Earth Observation Satellites (IMGEOS) facility  is established in Shadnagar campus. This facility is equipped with state of the art data acquisition systems which receive data from various satellites. Payload programming requests are consolidated at the respective sub systems based on the feasibility of tracking a particular satellite and acquisition schedules generated for each of the antenna in ground station.  Global coverages are handled through on-board recordings and play back mechanism through ground station services at poles.


ISRO has established the Antarctica Ground Station for Earth Observation Satellites (AGEOS), at Bharati Station, Larsemann Hills, Antarctica, for receiving Indian Remote sensing Satellite (IRS) data. This state-of-the-art advanced Ground station was commissioned during August 2013 and is receiving data from IRS satellites (like CARTOSAT-2 Series, SCATSAT-1, RESOURCESAT-2/2A,CARTOSAT-1) and transferring the same to NRSC, Shadnagar near Hyderabad