Technology Transfers

SL NO Name of the Invention Development Team Focal Person
1 Dual polarized S & X Band Mono pulse Feed for Tracking LEO Satellites. Download Report » RFSD/NRSC and CSG/ ISAC Ms. C.S. Padmavathy & J.G.Kulkarni, NRSC
2. Design & Development of FPGA based Digital Demodulator. Download Report » Ms Umadevi &Team Ms Umadevi ,NRSC
3. Programmable IF Matrix. Download Report » Ms Umadevi & Team Ms Umadevi NRSC
4 Detection of Landslides from High Resolution Optical Satellite Data. Download Report » Collaborative work of ITC and NRSC Dr Vinod kumar & Tapas Ranjan Martha,Dr Narman Kerle,Dr Cees J van Westen ,Dr Victor Jetten Dr Vinod Kumar, NRSC
5 The Message driven method and system for optimal management of dynamic production workflow in a distributed environment. Download Report » Dr. Naresh Kumar SDAPSA Dr. Naresh Kumar, SDAPSA