Atmospheric Instruments

In-situ measurements of atmospheric parameters pertaining to solar energy (incoming and outgoing shortwave and longwave radiation) with a net radiometer and a pyranometer; aerosols with CIMEL Sunphotometer, Multiwavelength radiometer, aethelometer and Nephelometer; surface level trace gases (O3, NOx, SOx and CO) including CO2 with trace gas analysers and a high precision Greenhouse Gas Analyser respectively are measured on 24x7 basis at the Atmospheric Science Laboratory, NRSC Campus, Shadnagar. In addition, atmospheric columnar trace gases retrieval on clear sky days is operational at the same location using a ground based Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer (FTIR). In addition, columnar O3, AOD and precipitable water vapor concentrations are measured using Microtops. These are supported by continuous observation of meteorological parameters with an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) on the same premises. For a more focused studies on boundary layer dynamics and its parameter retrieval, a 32m micro-meteorological tower with slow and fast response sensors has become recently operational at the Shadnagar campus.

Objective of these measurements is primarily to support the atmospheric research being carried out at NRSC and populate NICES with short as well as long term quality data on atmospheric parameters by the national users.