Terrestrial Studies

Several products are generated which represent the terrestrial conditions. There are categorised in to VEGETATION : Albedo from OCM-II, Normalized Density Vegetation Index (NDVI); HYDROLOGY PRODUCTS : Spatial Distribution of Surface Water, Evapotranspiration, soil moisture and runoff,  LAND COVER PRODUCTS : Land Use Land Cover for Globe Compatible for MM-5, Land Use Land Cover for Globe Compatible for WRF,  Vegetation Fraction, TERRAIN & SOIL PRODUCTS : Soil Carbon Density in India (5 km Grid) 2014., Mean Organic Soil Carbon density, Mean Inorganic Soil Carbon density, Spatial Map of Soil Depth Class in India (5 km Grid) 2000., Fraction soil depth, Spatial Distribution of Soil Texture Class in India (5 km Grid) 2014. Fraction soil textural class -Fraction Water Erosion, Fraction Wind Erosion, Fraction Wind Erosion, Surface Soil Moisture , VEGETATION & ECOSYSTEM PRODUCTS : Fire Regime for India based on AQUA MODIS, 2003-2015. (5km),  Average Annual Forest Fire Density, Forest Fraction Cover, Forest Types, CROP AREA :  Seasonal Fraction Net Sown Area                                                                                    Details